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Art is a way to revive and strengthen intuition.  To draw is to see, and not just with  eyes, but with the heart.  Drawing patterns from nature requires a quiet mind, and an open heart ready to observe lines that form shapes.  By breathing every line, the breath is connected to the shapes and connects to the rhythms, songs, and dances.



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Modern lifestyle disconnects people from natural rhythms.  When our body falls dormant to various rhythms patterns, sickness can crawl in like a thief in the night.  Therefore, we can learn to listen to the unlimited rhythm patterns of local nature where there is the appropriate medicine to block illness.

By drawing, the heart-eye opens leading the pen forth transforming lines to shapes.  And by breathing the lines, seeds of rhythm are planted for growth inside the heart.  When it is time for rhythm practice, a deep connection has been made between the heart and the mind.  Using two hands  or rhythm clapsticks, students can practice maintaining the various rhythms with breathing and relaxed concentration.  This method strengthens the body and blocks sickness.  This medicine is one that we are all born with but remain dormant until a teacher revives it.



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Once a drawing pattern is established and well practiced, rhythms are born.  The rhythms can be played with simple instruments such as hands clapping (world’s oldest percussion instrument), clapsticks, or drums.  After becoming familiar with the rhythm(s), dancing begins.  Dancing is a way for the body to be connected to rhythm.  Dancing is a way to mimic something, or to transform the body into something else.  It is a fun challenge to use the body to make pretend.  With simple gestures  and solid foot-work, new dances are created.  The dances are directly tied to the drawing patterns, and the rhythms from the patterns.  Now the entire body is used to draw the imagination inspired by the simple natural elements such as rocks, creek water, light under water, wind directions, sunset, clouds, etc.

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