Nature Speaks

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Nature’s language is creativity.  In order to speak this language one must have a patient and humble heart to see and listen to the patterns that are present.  Each pattern has benefits and gifts of knowledge waiting to be discovered.  Our basic instinct is pure creativity, and if this notion is fostered from early childhood, when young wings are growing, a healthy life will thrive.  By strengthening the language of the heart, a bridge between the heart and mind will be built strong for years to come.

There are various medicinal values present in the creative paths inspired by local nature.  Connecting drawing patterns to breathing, playing the rhythms of those patterns, and creating dances based on the shapes, connects the mind and body to the different angles of the same source.  This native technology is used in all native traditions worldwide.  Native nations use creative paths as a means of turning the pages of wisdom crafted in the mysterious language of our land, air, and water.

This approach to creativity, out of unlimited ways,  is what I teach to communities from early childhood to adult levels. You can experience  the various benefits of my training by inviting me into your classrooms / educational institutions.  As educators you can share with your students this gift that connects all schools of thoughts .

I look forward to your invitation!

Omid Aski Laridjani
Masters of Science in Instructional Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Design and Visual Arts


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